NOR860T 4 – Node Optico 4 saídas 860MHz


• Four high level output ports with Ga As power double amplifier module
• 25 ampere current capacity (steady state) and 25 ampere surge survivability
• Surge Resistant Circuitry ensures gain stage protection without fuses or other nuisance failure ausing device.
• 40-90V AC high-efficacy switch mode power supply
• Forward redundancy with two 1310/1550 nm optical receivers (optional)
• Standard fiber management tray provides fiber and connector storage for up 6 connector pairs.
• You can select one reverse transmitter for 4 in 1 in time domain distribution or four reverse transmitters for four pieces fibers to transmit in wide band net.
• Local test points and LED indicators on optical receivers, transmitters, and optical simplify installation and maintenance
• Optical status monitoring and control
• The NOR86T/4 launch amplifier uses fixed-value plug-in accessories
• Forward output test point and Reverse input test point for each port on NOR86T/4 launch amplifier allow optimum design and alignment


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